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The Ultranationalists (also known as Spetsnaz in multiplayer) are fictional Russian nationalistic and paramilitary organization featured in the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, they are active in the year 2011.

Being a guerrilla militia they are equipped with a mix of old Soviet and more contemporary Russian gear. It seems that their nationalistic ideology is not ethnically exclusive as many of them wear keffiyehs, this could mean that their nationalism is based around the Soviet multiculturalism, however, the keffiyeh is typical for the Arabic culture and not for the central Asian Islamic culture.

The following is a list of the equipment used by the Ultranationalists in game (the gear varies between the different character models):


Unidentified beret

Generic beanie hat

Generic gray balaclava

Generic gray ski mask

White/black keffiyeh

White GP-5 Gas Mask with standard filter

Bowman AN/PRC-343 mixed with Selex ES TASC 1 comtac

Generic baseball cap


SPLAV Delta Jacket (woodland kamysh camouflaged)

SPLAV Delta Jacket (urban kamysh camouflaged)

Sage green winter M88 Afghanka jacket (depicted with winter mabuta cuffs in 1st person in MWR)

Glass fabric summer M88 Afghanka shirt

ANA Sklon R-1 jacket in urban kamysh (ref 1, ref 2) or SPLAV rainsuit

Fictionalized tan Milspex Model 1150 Tactical Vest (with backpack like Shtorm-1 or Shtorm-2 vest)


Unidentified radio pouch

Unidentified magazine pouches

Unidentified canteen (US)

Soviet leather harness

Chicom chest rig


Soviet RPG-7 gunner backpack (ref 1) (in MWR)

Unidentified smoke grenades

Eagle Industries 40mm Single Grenade Pouch (in MW Remastered)

NRS-2 Survival Knife (curiously, when meleeing in multiplayer they use a Rambo II Knife instead of their NRS-2)

Veevan Canvas Backpack (in MW Remastered)

Urban Smog camouflaged winter jacket recolored M88 jacket (in MW Remastered)

Fictional/custom made gorka 4 jacket depicted without sleeve pockets in urban smog camo (in MW Remastered)

Bed roll

Rothco sleeping bag (in MW Remastered)


CS 95 gloves (French leather gloves or Hellstorm Stealth Aviator gloves in MW Remastered)


Bekas trousers (wooldand tigr (kamysh) camouflaged)

ANA Sklon R-1 pants in urban kamysh (ref 1, ref 2) (special ref) or SPLAV rainsuit

Sage green winter M88 Afghanka pants

Glass fabric summer M88 Afghanka pants

Fictional/custom made gorka 4 trousers in urban smog camo (in MW Remastered)

Safariland Model 6004 SLS Tactical Holster

Unidentified combat boots (resemble the 1980s Soviet combat boot with these soles) exact soles actually British Magnum boots (ref 1)

Hatch Centurion knee pads

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