The Shadow Company is a fictional PMC unit in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, they are active in the year 2016. Being a special operations unit they are equipped with the latest weapons and equipment available. However, strangely they wear black uniforms in Afghanistan, which is an odd camouflaging choice. Also, they carry British S10 NBC respirators with them, this could be due to developers reusing the game assets. The following is a list of the equipment used by the Shadow Company in game (the gear varies between the different character models):


  • Classic Pro-tec helmet
  • Desert Locust Military Goggle System (depicted with ESS Goggles strap attachment method)
  • Emdom Universal Goggle Retention Straps
  • Generic black balaclava
  • Unidentified night vision goggles (either AN/PVS-14 or AN/PVS-15)
  • Unidentified night vision goggles mount attached to an L2 G01 shroud
  • Unidentified helmet flashlight attached via offset light mount + helmet distress strobe/marker
  • MS-2000(M) helmet strobe
  • INOVA tactical strobe
  • HL1-A-TN helmet light
  • Peltor Comtac II/III


  • Black ACU jacket (collar resembles ECWCS GEN-2 parka)
  • Fictional CIRAS vest (resembles a hybrid between Eagle Maritime CIRAS and Condor Quick Release Plate Carrier)
  • Hydration pack
  • Unidentified pouches
  • HSGI pistol mag pouches
  • TACT pistol mag pouches
  • M84 stun grenades
  • M18 smoke grenades
  • Unidentified red road flares
  • MBITR Radio with pouch
  • Unidentified belt
  • S10 NBC Respirator
  • Rope (with fuse igniters???)


  • Fictional gloves with embossed leather elements (Mechanix M-Pact 3 gloves in MW2R)


  • Black ACU pants
  • Unidentified pistol holster (resembles Condor Universal Leg Holster)
  • Tan Hatch KP250 Centurion knee pads
  • Black Wellco Flight Deck Temperate Weather boot or black Wellco Boot Combat Infantry
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