The Russian Airborne Troops (also known as Spetsnaz in multiplayer) are an elite unit serving under the fictional Ultranationalist Russian government in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, they are active in the year 2016.

As an elite army branch, they are well equipped. However, they are strangely designed with many odd pieces of equipment. Firstly, they are depicted with a Ukrainian helmet (Kaska 2M Helmet) instead of Russian one (this is possibly due to developer's mistake or intentionall design choice). They wear obsolete equipment such as GP-5 gas masks. The most interesting item in their design is the fictional red/black/gray/white camouflaged uniforms. The camouflage itself is named "Urban Camouflage", and while it is fictional it seems to be based on the VSR 3-TsV camouflage used by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the only differences between the two is that the urban camo has red instead of orange, and has additional white color apparently based on the commercial "red" M81 camo. The most appropriate and authentic piece of equipment in this design is the brown Gorka-R uniform worn by some of the models.

The following is a list of the equipment used by the Russian Airborne Troops in game (the gear varies between the different character models):


  • Kaska 2M Helmet with PASGT nylon chin-cup
  • Fictional helmet cover (colored in brown and fictional Urban Camouflage)
  • Generic three hole green balaclava
  • Generic one hole black balaclava
  • White GP-5 Gas Mask with NATO 40mm filter (ref 1, ref 2, ref 3)
  • Unidentified goggles (possibly Oakleys)
  • Unidentified night vision goggles
  • Unidentified night vision goggles mount attached to an L2 G01 shroud
  • Unidentified helmet light
  • Unidentified helmet rail mounts
  • Unidentified helmet strobe light


  • Gorka-R jacket
  • Fictional Gorka type jacket colored in the fictional Urban Camouflage
  • Fictional black backpack (a hybrid between 5.11 rush assault pack and airsoft backpack)
  • Fictional vest (a hybrid between few Russian vests: Defender vest, Bagarii vest, Korund vest) with PS-930 Ranger Body Armor plate
  • Unidentified radio
  • Unidentified radio pouch
  • Unidentified magazine pouches
  • M67 Grenade


  • Generic fingerless gloves (the first person model resembles Oakleys)


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