YPA infantryman

YPA (Yugoslavian People's Army) standard infantryman in training exercise during 1970s, armed with their CZ M-70 automatic rifle (Yugoslav clone of world-famous Soviet AKM), dressed in their usual M-77 non-camouflaged, wool combat/service uniform and equipped with their M-59/85 (German Stahlhelm based) steel helmet covered with natural foliage.

My goal here is to contribute to or create as much articles about Cold War era military equipment in first place, mainly YPA (Yugoslavian People's Army) and Eastern bloc (Warsaw pact) as well as WWII (Nazi) German. Not just of purely historical purposes, but also in hope that such effort will maybe help Reenactors, Airsofters as well as other various military collectors and even gamers to more accurately recreate, more easily find or simply much more know about the needed items and equipment.

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