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The SSh-68 is a steel helmet of Soviet origin.[7][8]


The SSh-68 helmet is a further development of the SSh-60 helmet. It has an increased front slope and shorter outer edge which offers greater protection.[9] The helmet weighs 1.3kg. It provides protection against blunt force impact and shrapnel. [10]


SSh-68M (6B14)

The SSh-68M was a modification of the SSh-68 which added an aramid composite liner, a three-point chinstrap, and plastic buckles. This modification was manufactured by NII Stali around 2002-2006.[11]


The SSh-68N is similar to the SSh-68M in construction but features a black leather crown pad, sweatband, and black nylon webbing. [11]


In popular culture




Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Worn by Soviet infantry units 2001
World in Conflict Worn by Soviet infantry units 2007
Call of Duty: Black Ops Worn by the spetsnaz (always seen with helmet cover), however it can be considered anachronistic to see it in missions set in 1968 as the helmet was just introduced then, also it appears in a level set in 1963. It is possibly worn by the Tropas since few levels are set in 1961 which is incorrect. 2010
Escape from Tarkov Featured as the "SSh-68 helmet (1968 steel helmet)". 2017