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Knife bayonet for use with the 5.45 mm Kalashnikov AK74 assault rifle. This bayonet will also mount to the 7.62 mm AKM assault rifle. 6X5 production began in 1986 and continues to the present day. The 6X5 bayonet is currently in first-line service with the the Russian Army. Spear-point blade with a unique cross-section. Black molded polymer grip. Black plastic scabbard has the typical AKM pattern clip-on belt hanger made of black pebble-grain leather. The belt hanger measures 3.75 in. (95 mm) long.[1]

There were 3 variants produced, with the 3rd variant being the current one in production.



Штык-нож 6Х5, вариант 3 (с 1988 г. по настоящее время)



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