The Nož M 1951 (English: Knife Model 1951) is a combat knife of Yugoslavian origin.


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After WW2, hand to hand combat got special attention and was under Soviet influence. At the beginning of the 1960s, the Army got a new homemade knife (kama) M.1951 (j), based on the Soviet army knife (NR)40.

The price of a single M51 knife was 25 dinara (cca 7 DEM), according to a price list from 1.7.1970. It was meant for the soldiers (fighters) belonging to scout, saboteur and paratrooper units. Its fiery baptism was 4 decades after being made (by then regarded as old, and mostly given to units of the Territorial Defense - Teritorijalna obrana /TO/), in the hands of the enemy of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA). During a brief conflict (The Ten-Day War), in June 1991, the Territorial Defense issued this knife to all soldiers/fighters who were issued the M56 submachine gun - because of lack of M56 bayonets. The last paragraph mentions a navy knife with a braid for the knife ("nož mornarski sa gajtanom za nož") and a brief description.[3][4]

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