Not to be confused with Altyn.

The MASKA is a family of Russian special operations helmets.


The MASKA series of helmets is characterized by its face-concealing characteristics hence its designation meaning "Mask" in Russian. Their design is derived from that of the Altyn.[2] There are three known variants in the MASKA family of helmets.



The MASKA-1 (Russian: Маска-1; Mask-1) is a Russian steel helmet.[3] MASKA-1 is a steel helmet with a bulletproof polycarbonate glass insert visor.[4]


To reduce the weight and cost of MASKA-1, MASKA-1SCh (alternatively romanized as MASKA-1SH; Russian: Маска-1Щ) replaced the glass visor with a slitted steel plate. Later designs made the slit integral to the steel visor.[5][4]


MASKA-1R (Russian: Маска-1Р) is identical to MASKA-1, but is fitted with a radio.[4]

In popular cultureEdit




Call of Duty: Black Ops MASKA-1SCh is worn by the Spetsnaz while using the flak jacket perk in multiplayer, anachronistic. 2010
Payday 2 MASKA-1 with the refitted MASKA-1SCh steel plate is featured as the Vlad Armor. 2013
DayZ The MASKA is featured as Gorka E Military Helmet. Its visor is from ZSh-1-2. 2013
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege MASKA-1SCh is the default headgear for Spetsnaz Operator Tachanka. The helmet's distinctive appearance and Tachanka's memetic popularity due to being one of the weakest Operators in the game made the helmet a meme in the community, becoming analogous to the character. 2015
Escape from Tarkov MASKA-1SCh appears as a high tier piece of military equipment usable in raids by players in EFT. There are two different helmet skins, default khaki and KILLA variant which has the distinctive Adidas stripes on the helmet and face shield. In game whilst wearing the helmet gives it a realistic feel only being able to see though the slot making visibility for the player difficult. 2017
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint MASKA-1 with the refitted MASKA-1SCh steel plate is available as a customization option[6] 2019


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