Imperial Gallic B
Typ Weisenau Endfoto 12a
An authentic Imperial Gallic B helmet[1]
Type: Helmet
Designation: Henry Russell Robinson: "Imperial Gallic Type B"
Place of origin: Roman Empire
Produced: Late 1st century BC - early 1st century AD
Manufacturer(s): Romanized Gauls
Material(s): iron, brass
Evolved from: Imperial Gallic Helmet (Type A)
Evolved into: Imperial Gallic C, D, E, F
Used by: Imperial Roman army
Wars: Germanic Wars
The Imperial Gallic Helmet (Type B) is an iron helmet of Roman origin.[2][3][4][5]


The Imperial Gallic Helmet B is a second generation helmet in the Imperial Gallic line of helmets. It originated in the province of Gaul, which was part of the Roman Empire. The helmet was made of various materials such as iron, brass and precious corals.

Its rivet bosses are inlaid with precious corals and the reeded brow band was of silver and has a notched central rib decoration. The style of the eye decorations can be seen on other contemporary examples of helmets of this type such as the helmet from the former Axel Guttmann collection and the helmet in the Ebenoether collection now displayed at the museum of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. There is another helmet in private hands of almost the exact same form including the inlaid rivets and the shape of the cheek guards. Notably, none of these helmets have a brow guard riveted to the helmet bowl typical of helmets of the early Imperial period.

The Imperial Gallic Helmet B was developed from the Imperial Gallic Helmet A, and was used alongside it. The helmet was produced by Gallic craftsmen and was used by the Roman Army during the Augustan/Tiberian period and eventually evolved into the Imperial Gallic C, D, E and F helmets.


Klakanje HelmetEdit

The most notable example of Imperial Gallic B helmet was found at Klakanje, former Yugoslavia, now Klakar, Croatia. The helmet is now kept at Zagreb, but it was recently exhibited at Haltern, Germany. The helmet was оriginally classified by Robinson as Imperial Italic type B, the helmet was in an un-restored condition when he classified the find. At the time (probably working from images of the helmet only) he did not see that the helmet was embossed with "eye" decoration at the brows. Since then, the restoration has been fully undertaken, and the embossed "eyes" exposed and large portions of the helmet bowl filled where metal was missing/corroded.

Gallic F08 / MAN 2002/125/2Edit

Gallic F08 / MAN 2002/125/2 is the inventory number of an Imperial Gallic B helmet which was formerly in the Axel Guttmann Collection, but now is in the Madrid Archaeological National Museum.[9][10]


In popular cultureEdit

  • The Imperial Gallic B helmet is featured in the video game Assassin's Creed Origins. Anachronistic as the game is set in 49 BC.