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Not to be confused with MASKA.

The Altyn is a titanium helmet of Soviet and Russian origin.[2][4][3] A popular helmet, it is still widely used by modern Russian special forces despite of its discontinued production.

It is named after the historical Russian currency altyn.

The Altyn and it's faceshield are both capable at GOST 2, defeating 7.62TT and 5.45 PSM FMJ at 5m range.


The roots of the Altyn are found in the Swiss PSH-77 helmet, which was used by the Soviet KGB special forces during the Soviet–Afghan War. In 1982-1983, Soviet specialists of NII Stali (literally translated as Scientific Research Institute of Steel) received their first samples of the PSH-77, who were ordered to copy and improve its design so a similar titanium helmet can be produced locally. Around 1984, NII Stali produced the prototypes of the new titanium helmet.[4][3][2]

The first Altyn helmets a 4mm thick layer of stamped titanium shell, and did not have an aramid layer. NII Stali also only produced the dome and the face mask, so their users had to install the communications equipment themselves. In the late 80's and early 90's, the aramid layer and radio was added, and the thickness of the titanium was reduced to 3mm.[4][3][2]

The helmet was originally used by KGB special forces. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it was widely used by Russian FSB special forces. It was utilized by FSB operators at the Moscow theater hostage crisis and the Beslan school siege.[2][5][6][7][8]

Visually, the Altyn is extremely similar to its successors K6-3 and Lynx-T. The most significant difference between the K6-3 and the others is that K6-3 does not have a radio, while Altyn and Lynx-T do. The design of the face mask is also slightly different. The edge of the pixelglass on Altyn is connected to the mask with a smooth rubber edge, while the K6-3 and Lynx-T have thicker metal borders and visible screws.

Compared to the PSH-77, Altyn's face mask has a different rounded design, while the PSH-77 face mask has two cutouts at the two corners of the face mask to make shouldered aiming easier.


In popular culture




Grand Theft Auto V Appears as the "Riot" in Online[9] 2013
World War 3 2018
Escape From Tarkov 2017
Roblox User-Generated Hat 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Worn by Russian troops (removed visor),[10] part of Velikan's Woodsman outfit with visor combining elements from Maska-1 and Lynx and bump helmet style vent holes, part of Russian FSB outfit[11]It was seen multiple times in the campaign used by Barkov’s Forces that have a visor up or without a visor on. 2019


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